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PC需求萎縮、智慧型手機市場又被三星及蘋果盤據,聯想如何維持成長與獲利?不過最新公布的財報,化解了投資人的焦慮。 「聯想領先全球,在創新和效率之間找到最佳平衡,」聯想電腦董事長楊元慶說。...

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“LENOVO is the best company in the world at balancing innovation and efficiency.” So declares Yang Yuanqing, the chairman of the Chinese computer-maker. The boast is at least half right. The firm has certainly displayed its ruthless efficiency of late, by keeping costs down and grabbing market share from its big Western rivals. Lenovo has recently bested HP to become the top peddler of desktop computers worldwide. From a negligible share a few years ago, it is rising fast in the global smartphone market too.

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    林威老師整理了些主題英文學習筆記, 有圖片.文字敘述, 同學們可以點選本篇單字筆記, 熟悉了字彙後再看文章, 效果比較好,點選右邊more可以看見埃及主題...more >

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    在聖保羅開餐廳的Blake Watkins表示,「一降落到巴西,你就開始浪費時間」。在6月9日的早晨,這句話顯得再真實不過;筆者那班從紐約出發的班機才降落至聖保羅的瓜魯柳斯機場,時間就開始浪費了...more >

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    Despite a controversial record, the politician has a historic mandate from voters. Now he must revive the nation’s fortunes and reset ties with friend and foe alike.

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    WARREN BUFFETT, who on May 3rd hosts the folksy extravaganza that is Berkshire Hathaway’s annual shareholders’ meeting, is an icon of American capitalism (see article). At 83, he also epitomises a striking demographic trend: for highly skilled people to go on working well into what was once thought to be old age.

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    102. The Youth Club has arranged for card members to receive one thousand dollars of _____ life insurance.
    (A) compliant (B) complimentary
    (C) comprehensible (D) compromise

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